How do bonus hunters work?

In their activities, hunters are primarily set up to get the maximum profit with minimal investment. Thus, they are interested in; welcome bonuses, loyalty programs and free bonuses when registering.

They comprehensively evaluate the chosen institution and thoroughly read the rules. For example, after seeing a 100% bonus on your first Deposit in an online casino, bonus hunters are not in a hurry to create an account in the institution. It will see what the maximum bonus amount is and what the promo restrictions are. Also, what additional bonuses they will receive during the game in the loyalty program.

The first thing that people pay attention to is the requirements for bonus wagering. A wager up to X50 is considered acceptable. In order to increase the chances of winning back, you need a high maximum allowed bet when playing with an active bonus. And of course slots with a fairly high RTP should be allowed to play with bonus funds.

But this is not enough to make the offer attractive to bonus hunter. He estimates what additional bonuses will be awarded at the time of playing on his first Deposit. These “buns” are usually issued under the loyalty program, depending on the amount of bets made.

If the aggregate parameters are satisfied, then the bonus hunter is registered. It is worth noting that these players are very selective in their choice of games. They play very carefully and restrained, that is, they are not at all susceptible to excitement as such.

How do abusers work?

Unlike bonus hunting, the owners of gambling establishments treat such players with zero tolerance. The fact is that these players use not only the shortcomings of the rules of gambling establishments in their favor, but also use fraudulent schemes. For example, they use fake documents. And bonus hunters do not actually break any rules during the game.

And so, what does the abuser do after seeing a favorable offer? Naturally, it also evaluates all its components: the wager, allowed games with a bonus, the size of the maximum bet, etc. And uses it several times!

Let’s look at the actions of the abuser on the example of a bonus for the first deposit in an online casino. After evaluating the offer, the player creates an account. Plays at the highest possible bet, trying to maximize the balance and wash the water faster. Then, if it succeeds, it passes verification and puts the winnings on withdrawal. Then creates a new account in the same casino and everything will repeat.

Fake documents are used for verification. Although recently it is more relevant to use real people to pass identification. Various programs are used to hide the real IP address and other computer parameters.

For example, in one foreign online casino, an analysis of gaming activity was used, including the amount of the bet, in which games bets are placed, any strategies are used, and so on. By the way, this helped identify a number of violators. They tighten the verification procedure. They ask you to take a selfie and request a number of additional documentation.

In General, the gambling industry pays great attention to protecting gambling establishments from abusers and bonus hunters. Although it is worth noting that online casino bonus hunters are generally loyal, since they do not use any prohibited wagering schemes.

At the same time, they are well aware of which games to bet on in order to increase their chances of winning back the bonus. Use every “loophole” in the rules of the casino. For the implementation of some schemes of deception of casinos and poker rooms, other abusers are involved, which allows you to act in the same group.

What are bonus hunters?

Bonus hunters are different. Some of them are looking for no Deposit bonuses, and some are trying to break the Bank by getting a huge Deposit bonus. Let’s look at what they are and what the risks of their activities are.

How are gambling establishments protected from bonus hunting and abusing?

Methods for determining abusers and bonus hunters are different. First of all, institutions are very detailed in the rules of what you can and cannot do.

How do they use stricter rules in gambling clubs?

There are a number of establishments that deliberately use such an impressive range of requirements for their own purposes.

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