How to Get Drunk to Get GTA V Online Casino Missions

gta v online casino missions

If you’re interested in getting drunk to get GTA V online casino missions, keep reading. We’ll go over how to get drunk to get a GTA V online casino mission, how to get an Armored Enus Paragon R, and the rewards that you can get after completing the Diamond Casino Heist. Then we’ll talk about how to complete the Diamond Casino Heist to get the Armored Enus Paragon R.

Featured Adversary Mode renamed to Featured Series in GTA Online

During GTA Online’s first week, Rockstar has revealed several new features and game modes. Previously, ‘Featured Adversary Mode’ had just one trigger, but now the new ‘Diamond Adversary Series’ will offer players double money during game modes in Casino. Moreover, the series will also offer players a special one-time bonus of $250K if you and your team are crowned the champions.

The game is already one of the most popular multiplayer games online with massive player bases and an endless variety of game modes. This game was featured during the PS5 launch event and is also a mainstay on next-generation consoles. Rockstar regularly adds new content to GTA Online, and the 2020 Summer Update brought tons of new content. In addition to this, there are also numerous other new features for players to experience. Among them are Business Battles and new Adversary Modes.

Getting drunk to get a gta v online casino mission

If you’ve ever wanted to get a secret mission in GTA Online, this may be for you. The game allows you to drink whiskey in order to get the elusive shirt that unlocks missions. The only catch is that you can’t drink too much – you’ll have to keep playing the game until you reach 50 shots! But don’t worry, it’s not as dangerous as it sounds.

The first step to unlock this mission is to make sure you have completed the story missions in the casino. These can be CEO, VIP, or MC president missions, and require the player to have worked 10 hours since the last Casino Work mission. Getting drunk for a GTA V online casino mission is a bit tricky, but it is not impossible! Just make sure you’re careful!

Completing the Diamond Casino Heist to get the Armored Enus Paragon R

You can now drive the new armored Enus Paragon R in Grand Theft Auto Online. This vehicle is a 2-seater that was added to the game with the Diamond Casino & Resort update in 2019. Completing the Diamond Casino Heist will earn you this armored vehicle. To unlock the vehicle, you will first need to complete all six Casino Story Missions as the leader. Once you have done this, Ms Baker will inform you that you have received your gift at the Port of Los Santos.

If you’d rather play with your friends, you can also try playing as the host to earn the armored Paragon R. This will let you finish all six missions quicker, but you have to link all your titles to your Social Club account. Completing these missions will also reward you with GTA$ 500,000, but you won’t get it in any other way. If you want to avoid the difficulties associated with co-op missions, try playing alone.

Rewards for completing the Diamond Casino Heist

A new update to GTA V’s online casino missions focuses on diamonds, and players will be able to earn triple the usual rewards for completing the heist. Among the bonuses you can earn are extra GTA$ and RP if you finish the Diamond Casino Heist. If you’ve been missing out on diamonds, this is a great opportunity to get them.

The Diamond Casino Heist can be set up in a number of ways, including aggressively and using the “big con” approach. The setup fee is GTA$25,000, but the rewards vary, depending on how the heist is executed and the targets you manage to steal. You can also choose to steal the diamonds themselves or take the vault’s contents. Once you’ve completed the missions, you’ll be rewarded with an amount of RP, which is different depending on your approach.