Live Dealers: Reality Online

The Internet allowed people not only to communicate by voice, but also to arrange video conferences. In online mode, you are watching the other person, and they are watching you. The casino liked this idea hardly less than its classmates and fellow students, and real people became participants in the playing field.

Of course, there are certain requirements for the width of the Internet channel. At a speed of 10 kilobits per second, it is unlikely that you can even play a game of chess without problems. But a few megabits allow almost unrestricted negotiations around the world.

Casinos have taken advantage of a technological breakthrough for a unique offer: live dealers are live people on the other end of the wire who help recreate the real gaming space. Perhaps Las Vegas and Monte Carlo still successfully compete with online casinos thanks to people who roll the dice, hand out cards and spin roulette.

Another advantage that an online casino has over a regular live dealer is the ability to communicate with the controller. There are two options: either voice communication or chat. Today, the second one is more widespread, almost universal. However, voice communication is also gaining momentum.

While not every casino due to its technical equipment can provide a live dealer to its customers, but many are working on it. The oldest online casinos like 888 casino have done the best here. In fact, this company was the first to realize that the reality of what is happening is one of the problems of customers of Internet versions. More precisely, a complete lack of understanding of the reality of winning or losing.

Is there employee guarantee

However, we should not naively believe that a live dealer is solely an initiative to attract additional customers. Creating an entourage is an important task that real dealers do better than a robot, but there is another side to it. It is known that a hacker is an occupation associated with hacking the system. This is what online casino owners are afraid of to a considerable extent. No one can guarantee that an employee of the company that developed the security system will not decide to hack their brainchild and beat the casino at their leisure.

How about an actual dealer?

Thus, the actual dealer helps to solve this problem, because the roulette wheel and the dealer are outside of their influence. However in this case there are some questions about the integrity of the casino

How about the popularity?

Today, it is known that many professional casino employees switch to online at the request of the management, staying there for a long time. Some of the live dealers even acquire “their own clients”, who think that they have more luck with this particular dealer than with the others. In General, the development of this branch of the gambling industry is not yet at its peak, and it is expecting a serious rise in popularity.

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