The historical development of video poker

Video poker appeared with the development of information systems, namely, when home computers allowed their happy owners to be used as consumers. Today, there are already a lot of video poker fans among casino fans.

The simplest and most famous type of video poker is “jacks and higher”. Perhaps this is also the oldest version. On the slot machine in this case, you can win even with one card, but the Jack, Queen, King or ACE can only give a refund of the bet amount.

Initially, video poker was not necessarily represented by all combinations. In the first variants of such slots in Las Vegas was attended by the most simple kind of combination of two (pairs), and triple. Demanding customers did not want to put up with this state of Affairs, and it was profitable for the casino to present all the combinations, so over time (quite quickly) video poker machines were produced with all the combinations that are presented in the usual Texas hold’em.

The addition of the Joker and other “wild cards” became necessary for the development of video poker. This definitely brought a variety, so the game from this only added to the excitement. Split square was also an important “discovery”.

One of the last steps forward in video poker is the possibility of “multihands”, when the player chooses how many hands to play at the same time. There is even a possibility to choose 100 hands at once, which you need to control. This is a good opportunity for tactically savvy casino customers who are able and competent to conduct their bankroll.

However, the main goal of the developers of video poker for several hands was to increase the dynamism of the game itself. It is obvious that when playing on several fronts at once, the client is much more absorbed in the excitement than when playing from a single position. The most interesting thing for the player, in this case, was the distribution of cards that he refused in one hand, according to his other hands.

What’s the trend on video poker?

A relatively recent trend in video poker is the progressive jackpot. If earlier it was the prerogative of other slots, then a little later video poker slot machines began to appear, where the progressive jackpot can be removed thanks to the collected “flash Royal”. The highest combination is not necessarily the key to success.

What about particular slots?

Sometimes in a particular slot, it can be used along with another jackpot combination. So, the SupaJax slot machine assumes a square of Jacks and bonus cards, with which you can also be lucky. Do not forget that without the maximum bet (usually 5 coins), it is problematic to take the jackpot, especially in full.

How many types of video poker?

There are many types of video poker, and each player has their own preferences. Even the most complex variations find a lot of fans. There are also those who like to play multi-level poker. For example, making a Deposit for several hands in advance, you go to the next level. In case of defeat, the transition does not occur, but where you left off, the payouts are doubled. Of course, this is not as profitable as reaching the last level and winning it.

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